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  • New planning guidelines for modern languages

    To support you with your planning and programming for the Modern Languages K-10 Syllabus, the NSW Department of Education has just published the following documents: Programming guidelines for the Modern Languages K-10 Syllabus (these were published in Term 2 but have been updated to reflect additional support) Unit of work guidelines and sample template for the Modern Languages K-10 Syllabus Assessment guidelines for the Modern Languages K-10 Syllabus. The guidelines are available on the Planning, programming and assessing languages 7-10 web page. This suite of resources provides comprehensive, step-by-step advice to support language teachers from all contexts across NSW to plan and program with the new syllabus. We recommend reading them in conjunction with a sample unit of work, so you can see the advice ‘in action’, for example French or Japanese - even if you don’t teach these languages, you can still review the sample units for contextualisation of the guidelines.

  • Stage 6 Continuers - exam preparation

    As the HSC written exams approach, Stage 6 students will be busy doing final preparations. The Stage 6 Continuers – answering listening and reading questions resource can assist teachers and students during this final preparation period. Students often demonstrate strong ability in the target language that is not necessarily reflected in their ability to answer listening and reading questions in English. This resource provides strategies to enhance students' ability to understand exactly what the exam questions are asking and explicit strategies to answer them appropriately. It unpacks the key words from NESA's A Glossary of Key Words that appear in listening and reading questions, from those requiring a literal understanding of the text to ones which require a deeper understanding. Although it is targeted specifically for Continuers students, the resource also applies to skills required of Beginners students in exams.

  • Digital magazines for Stage 6 German

    The Goethe-Institut produces Lingo digital German magazines. They are accompanied by teacher notes and student worksheets, and no subscription is needed. Suitable for Stage 6 Continuers and Extension.

  • CLTA NSW professional development day - Term 4 2023

    The CLTA NSW will hold a full day of professional development on 27 October 2023. Sessions include: planning for the implementation of the new Modern Languages K-10 Syllabus exploring sample units and resources collaborative programming. For more information please see the attached flyer, you can sign up here.

  • Co.As.It. Italian Language Immersion Camp

    Co.As.It. is holding an Italian immersion camp for students who will be in Stage 6 Italian Beginners, Continuers and/or Extension in 2024. The details are: Date: Monday 11 December to Friday 15 December 2023 Venue: Vision Valley, Arcadia, Sydney Activities: Intensive Italian workshops everyday as well as recreational activities such as swimming, rock climbing, abseiling and Italian cooking For more details, please email Sorina Cepraga at

  • Italian language competition - Premio in Classe

    Premio in Classe is a national Italian language competition that seeks to promote the Italian language and culture to secondary school students through creating a short film exploring the theme ‘Italian and sustainability’. Further information is available on the attached flyer.

  • Are you subscribed to our YouTube channel?

    Did you know we also have a YouTube channel? You can subscribe to see our range of videos and playlists, including: statewide staff meeting recordings - Modern Languages K-10 Syllabus implementation, AI tips, interacting in languages, Stage 6 speaking skills, differentiation, purposeful assessment, using short films in the language classroom, using texts in languages, HSC monitoring, cultures of thinking, HPGE in languages, making adjustments for students with disability, effective feedback, blended learning new syllabus 'how-to' videos literacy and numeracy in languages videos Tanken Centre clips language videos - quality online assessment, teaching and learning in the virtual space, strategies and tools for effective online assessment, digital dates with language teachers online games for language learning subject selection and promoting language study clips language ambassadors HSC orals support.

  • Online Greek workshop

    Sydney Institute of Community Languages Education (SICLE) is hosting a free Greek workshop online. The workshop will focus on using books in the classroom. Workshop title: Enchanting classroom experiences: Get ready to ‘play’ with a book like never before! Date: Saturday 16 September Time: 4:00–5:30 pm Further information and registration details.

  • More local network meetings to support new syllabus

    The local Language Teacher Networks run by the NSW Department of Education are cross-sectoral - any teacher, regardless of the sector they teach in, is welcome to attend. Check for and enrol in events via MyPL, using the relevant course code and name. Meetings occur in Week 7 or 8 each term. Unless otherwise indicated, this term's meetings will focus on assessment and creating marking guidelines, as a follow-up to the statewide staff meeting on assessment. Upcoming meetings: Mid North Coast, Wednesday 6 September, 9:30 am (Course code NR25838, Event Mid North Coast Term 3 network meeting) Sydney South, Wednesday 6 September, 4 pm (Course code NR25533, Event Sydney South meeting) Illawarra/South Coast, Wednesday 6 September, 8:30 am (Course code NR25838, Event CNI Languages new syllabus planning day) Riverina, Thursday 7 September, 9:30 am (Course code NR25838, Event Riverina Languages Network Meeting) Lower North Coast, Thursday 7 September, 3:30 pm (Course code NR38472, Event Lower North Coast Network Meeting Term 3 2023) Sydney CBD, Thursday 7 September, 4 pm (Course code NR25533, Event Sydney CBD meeting) Queanbeyan, Thursday 14 September, 3:30 pm (Course code NR25533, Event Language Teachers Queanbeyan Term 3 meeting) Sydney South West, Friday 15 September, 9:30 am (Course code NR25838, Event Sydney South West network meeting) Sydney North, Tuesday 19 September, 3:30 pm (Course code NR25533, Event Sydney North meeting) - assessment sharing, including mini task progress checkpoints

  • Student-friendly infographics

    The Languages and Culture team at the NSW Department of Education has created 2 student-facing infographics for display in your classroom. They summarise the Stages 4 and 5 outcomes and content from the Modern Languages K-10 Syllabus, using student-friendly language. The student-facing outcomes infographics can be found under the 'Generic resources' heading on the Planning, programming and assessing languages 7–10 web page. (We have included images here, however the versions on the website are best for downloading and printing.)

  • 2023 Workshop of the Australian Association of Teachers of Korean

    The will be held at the Korea Education Centre in Sydney on 16 December. The workshop will feature a series of presentations on practical aspects of Korean language teaching. The organising committee welcomes abstract submissions dealing with all aspects of Korean language teaching. Further information about submitting abstracts to present, or attending the workshop can be found on the attached flyer.

  • CI Down Under Conference

    CI Down Under is holding their 5th language teachers' conference on comprehensible input (CI) over 5 days in January 2024. Enrolment options for 1 day or multiple days are on offer, with early bird rates if you enrol before 1 October. For more details about the conference and presenters please see the attached flyer.

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