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Term 4 statewide staff meeting - recording and activity

At the Languages and Culture team's Term 4 statewide staff meeting, 'Ready, set, program!', the team took a deep dive into a learning sequence from one of their Stage 4 units of work for the Modern Languages K-10 Syllabus. Here is the recording of the meeting. During the meeting, teachers had the opportunity to work together to unpack some sample teaching and learning activities from the units of work, in order to:

  • discuss language and communication skills students are using

  • discuss the macro skills, focus areas and outcomes addressed

  • align activities to content dot points

  • discuss ways the activities can be adjusted for students with disability.

Attached to this post is a document which summarises the collaborative activity. If you were unable to attend, you still have access to everything you need. And if you did attend, you can review the answers.

Term 4 SWS meeting breakout room activty-ANSWERS
Download DOCX • 2.11MB

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