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Term 2 statewide staffroom

The Languages and Culture team's Term 2 statewide staffroom is coming up soon, on Wednesday 22 May, 4-5 pm. The team will be sharing assessment ideas for various contexts, including ideas for how to use them with different languages, outcomes/content and to engage all learners.

To enrol, please go to MyPL and search for course code NR29242, then select the session Languages statewide staff meeting, Term 2 2024.

Remember, if you have attended a SWS meeting before, it will say 'Completed'. Ignore that and click on the course, then select the upcoming meeting by clicking the circle next to its name. Then click the red 'Re-enrol' button at the top of the screen.

Course code: NR29242

Session name: Term 2 statewide staff meeting - Assessment ideas for various contexts

Date: Wednesday 22 May

Time: 4-5 pm

Venue: MS Teams - the link to the meeting will be emailed to you with your enrolment confirmation from MyPL

Teachers from all sectors are welcome. 😊

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