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Looking for support for the Modern Languages K-10 Syllabus?

The Languages and Culture team at the NSW Department of Education is currently rolling out support for the new Modern Languages K-10 Syllabus. There's no cost, and it's available to all sectors and preservice teachers. You can find:

  1. Understand and use the Modern Languages K-10 Syllabus to program units of work

  2. Produce language-focused activities and tasks that embed culture

  3. Identify the process and benefits of backward mapping from a unit’s summative assessment task

  • statewide staff meeting recordings:

  1. generic scope and sequences

  2. programming guidelines

  3. language-specific resource sets for Japanese and French, including 3-year scope and sequences and fully-resourced 'pick up and teach' units of work.

The team is currently working on more support for Chinese, Spanish, German and Italian, as well as assessment guidelines and programming templates.

The Term 3 statewide staff meeting is happening soon, and will unpack assessment and the new syllabus. There are also launches of each language-specifc resource set, which unpack the support in detail, including the pedagaogy which is embedded in the units of work.

Keep your eye on the blog for more details. 😊

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