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Fortnightly support in the Languages statewide staffroom

Do you teach languages 7-12 in a NSW public school? If you're not already a member, the best place to access support from the NSW Department of Education is through the Languages statewide staffroom - join via their entry survey. Currently the team is publishing fortnightly support for Stage 4 - ideas and resources, aligned with the Modern Languages K-10 Syllabus.

Here's one of the ideas from Week 1...

Greetings board game (attached)

This board game offers a variety of simple, everyday scenarios, helping students to practise basic social interactions and build foundational vocabulary in the target language. It's an excellent way to engage students and enhance their verbal communication skills in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.  

This game can address the following syllabus content dot points from the ML4-INT-01 outcome:

  • Socialise with peers

  • Use features of the sound system in spoken interactions

  • Use language that is appropriate to cultural practices and values to interact

Download DOCX • 887KB

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